Welcome to
fin for fun Sportverein e. V.

fin for fun e. V. sports club is a non-profit association promoting swimming, especially swimming with fins and of textile-free swimming.

Our members pay an annual contribution of € 36.00 and a one-time registration fee of € 5.00. For a candidate the current year’s contribution is reduced proportionately, depending on the admission month. The reduced fee (for non- or low income) is € 24.00.

Our members receive free access to our regular sports activities as well as discounts on other activities, such as attending sports equipment or saunas at our partner clubs. You will receive the DFK membership card. Thus, you will get in principle access to nude sites worldwide (at the claimed fee of the site). Many naturist sites grant DFK card-holders rebates or discounts.

In our regular sports activities, our members have the opportunity to train to their own needs and skills for athletic competitions or to do some laps. In principle, at least one lifeguard is present.

Interested in becoming a member?
Please contact us.

You can download as PDF document:
The membership application form

To complete:
Name = Name
Vorname = First name(s)
Geburtstag/-ort = Date and Place of Birth
Familienstand = Marital status
Beruf = Profession
Straße = Street
PLZ, Wohnort = Postal code, City
Telefon = Phone
telefon, mobil = Mobile phone
Email = Email
Hast Du schon früher einem FKK-Verein angehört? = Have you ever been member of a naturist association?
Falls ja, welchem? = If so, which?
Wie bist Du auf fin for fun aufmerksam geworden? = How did you come across fin for fun?